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Compound Sweeteners

Compound sweeteners refers to a class of sweeteners that are used in combination with two or more natural or chemically synthesized sweeteners to enhance sweetness and flavor, to compensate for or obscure undesirable tastes, it can be partially or entirely replaced with sucrose for food processing.
  • Description

    Appearance: White powder, no impurities
    Odor & Taste: sweet and pure, no smell and bitter taste.
    It is compounded by high potency sweetener and other accessories which completely replace the sucrose in bakery food, replace this product with sucrose can reduce health risk in the long run. It is a low-calorie, fat-free, sugar-free compound sweetener that not only smells like sucrose and has moderate sweetness, but also worry free about getting fat, especially for obese people, diabetes, hyperglycemic, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular. So, it is a better choice for any group.
  • Package

    25kg/bag, Customized package
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