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Attention Of Tech Grade Sodium Saccharin Used In Electroplating

Generally, we use industrial sodium saccharin in electroplating because it can make electroplating work very well.There are some matters need pay more attention:
Sodium saccharin is used asbrightener in electroplating. It can make electroplating easier and improve brightness and softness of electro nickeling.
Because of its high melting point, we need to melt it before using. Meanwhile, it will lose value when heated under acid environment.

Dosage Of Sodium Saccharin

Standard Dosage Application
GB2760-1996 0.15g/kg Compound seasoning, Beverage,
Ice cream, Biscuit, Bread
FEMA 72mg/kg,150mg/kg,2100-2600mg/kg,
Soft drink,Ice cream,
Solid drinks,Bakery food
FDA 12mg/28.41ml
Beverage, Juice

Content Analysis

Solube 0.3g sodium saccharin in 20ml acetic acid;
Add 2 drops methylrosanilniumchloride solution as indicator;
Titrate with 0.1mol/L perchloric acid, when the color of the solution turns blue from the violet blue to the end of the titration;
Conduct a blank controlled trial and try best to avoid the error. Per mL 0.1mol/L Perchloric acid amounts to 20.52mg sodium saccharin
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