R&D Center

After more than 10 years of development, Foodsweet has established a Compound sweetener research center and factory in Shanghai,we has developed High-intensity and low-calorie sweeteners such as Compound Sweetener & Tabletop sweetener to better serve its global customers.

Compound sweeteners are a type of sweetener that combines two or more natural or synthetic sweeteners to achieve a comprehensive sweetness effect. This compounding is not simply a mixture of various sweetener monomers, but is achieved by technical compounding using the synergistic effects of various sweeteners and the physiological characteristics of taste.It can be used in part or in whole to replace sugar for food processing.

There may be synergistic effects between various sweeteners. The composite sweetener has the characteristics of convenient use, high sweetness, pure sweetness and reduced production cost, and thus becomes an important development direction for the development and application of sweeteners.

(1) Reduce bad taste and increase flavor;
(2) shortening the taste sensation at the beginning of taste;
(3) Improve the stability of sweetness;
(4) Reduce the total amount of sweeteners used and reduce costs.

You will enjoy:

1. Customized formula and package based on your application and cost.

2. Technical Service by over 10 years’ experience sweetener experts.

3.Direct shipments from European warehouses and US warehouses

4. Free or paid samples

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